High-purity chemicals for capacitors that need to be smaller and more powerful

Capacitors are small components, either cylindrical or prismatic type, indispensable to all kinds of electronics devices, ranging from consumer electronics to aircraft. Recently, capacitors are becoming even smaller-sized in response to even higher-integration LSIs. Its volume becomes smaller, it is necessary to enlarge the accumulated specific electrical capacity.
As Japan's only manufacturer for the specialized electrolytes, Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries supplies high-purity electrolytes which control the electrical characteristics for various capacitors.
The solutes, "CAPLYTE", and the electrolytes, "CAPASTE", which were produced as the reliable brand "Tomypure" series of organic and inorganic electrolyte, are provided the wide variety product line-up that satisfies the demand "smaller and more powerful" in the present times.

   For aluminum electrolytic capacitors
For tantalum electrolyte capacitors
For functional polymer capacitors
For electrical double layer capacitors

(Tomiyama Pure Chemical meets all kinds of needs, ranging from the development to the manufacturing of the various capacitors specified above.)

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