Product details

Potassium tetraborate tetrahydrate
Product name Potassium tetraborate tetrahydrate
Chemical formula K2B4O7・4H2O
Molecular weight 305.50
Official Gazette Public Notice Reference Number 1-66
CAS No. CAS No. 12045-78-2
Standards Reagent MT first grade
Product purity 99.5 % MIN

High quality with low metal impurities and low halogen

Usage Reagent,Buffer agent,Material for ceramic,Fluxing agent,Plating bath additive,Flame retardant
Appearance White crystalline powder
Capacity NET 20kg
Craft bag (prin Potassium tetraborate tetrahydratet)
Handling Precautions *PRTR Law: Class I Designated Chemical Substance
Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

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