Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

We, at Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries pursue what is required for the creation of affluent society together with our customers, and supply high-purity chemicals (fine chemicals) that give our customers highly reliable satisfaction by making the most of all our originality and technological capability.

Management Policy

Following five statements are our Management Policy to actualize our Management Philosophy.

  • 1.We aim to supply the products that will satisfy the customers' needs as a dedicated manufacturer of high-purity chemicals (fine chemicals).
  • 2.We put focus on the harmonization with local communities to promote environmental conservation, industrial safety and resource conservation activities.
  • 3.We aim to be a leading, independent enterprise that keeps growing with originality.
  • 4.We will maintain a firm business with profitability and developability with high-clarity based on a clear vision.
  • 5.We will always have appreciation in customers, stockholders, employees and everyone through sound business activities.

Company Policy

  • "Aim to further expand in the areas of our pillar business - Capacitor, Lithium Battery, Fine Chemicals, Nuclear Power"
  • "Aim to be involved more in the area of Organic Fine Chemical by utilizing our core technique of high purity chemical production"
  • "Improve plant investment and resource training"

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