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This Website is opened and operated by Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries. Read the requirements for use as described below before you use the Website, and use the Website on your agreement to these requirements. The conditions for use of the Website may be subject to change. For such change, Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries will insert the revised version of this document for your confirmation on the latest requirements.

1. Copyright

The copyright to the information accessible from the Website is possessed by Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries and information providers. According to the copyright laws it is prohibited to use or copy without obtaining a prior approval by Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries.

2. Links

Please access to the top page ( to link to this Website. Unless a prior approval by Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries is obtained, pasting the link to the contents in the page itself is not permitted. Linking from the Websites inappropriate to Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries may be rejected. The link to this Website cannot be pasted without obtaining an approval by Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries.
Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries has a right to cancel the approval to link based on our own judgment anytime after approval. If there is a request from this company to terminate the link from the Website, the link must be terminated immediately.

3. Prohibitions

The following actions in accessing to the information on the Website are prohibited:

  • Infringing or threatening to infringe this company's or any third part's own properties or privacy;
  • Giving or threatening to give any loss or damage to any third party or this company;
  • Acting or threatening to act against public order and morals;
  • Committing or threatening to commit a crime or any act leading to a crime;
  • Making any false application or notice including registration of the electronic mail address of any other person;
  • Making or preparing to make any business activity or profit-making activity;
  • Injuring the honor or credit of this company or any third party;
  • Using or providing, or threatening to use or provide any harmful software program including computer virus;
  • Violating or threatening to violate any laws ordinances and regulations; and
  • Other acts as Tomiyama Pure Chemical Industries determines to be inappropriate.

4. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise provided herein, the access to and the use of the Website, and the application and construction of these requirements for use shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Unless otherwise provided herein, any dispute arising from or in connection with the access to and use of the Website shall finally be settled at the Tokyo District Court as the competent jurisdictional court.

5. Recommended System Requirements for Browser

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Smart phone
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iOS (Safari)

Please use SSL applicable browser.
Customers' information is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a cryptographic protocol providing communication security. Depending on the Web browser SSL may not be applicable and viewing may not be available.

6. Cookie

Cookie function is used in some of the pages in this Website.
Cookie is information data transferred between the Website (server) and customer's browser. (This information data is not a virus nor a program)
If you reject to receive Cookie, some areas of some sites may not function properly.