Manufacturing Sites

Introduction of Kashima Plant


Kashima Plant is located in Hasaki Industrial Park in Kamisu-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture.
There is a company specializing in utility supply, meaning electricity, stream and demineralized water are available without having any dedicated facilities. Also, industrial plankton net with high supply ability is available which is ideal for chemical plants. As for the wastewater treatment, there is a public wastewater treatment plant which can handle all the wastewater from this industrial area.


  • Site Area about 69,000m2
  • Building Area about 9,000m2
  • Total Floor Area about 13,600m2

Operation started

23-April 2012


<Office Building>
  • Office room (management office work of Business Department and Production Department)
  • Meeting rooms (1 large, 2 small rooms) Reception room, Cafeteria, Medical Office, Library etc.
※Has about 400㎡ of roof floor as an evacuation space in case of disaster
<Technical Building>
  • Laboratory for research &
    development for Technical Development Department
  • Analysis and inspection of products and raw materials
  • Production of prototypes for electrolyte for lithium batteries
  • 1F Inspection group management room, analysis room, trial room, charge/discharge measurement room, meeting room etc.
  • 2F Technical Development Department office, Laboratory, Mechanical analysis room, Synthesis room, Measurement room etc.
<Building A>

Products: Ammonium salts, others
About 20 types of products are produced using 4 production lines.
It is almost an automated, computer-controlled plant.

【Attached facilities】

  • 2 outside storage tanks (raw material) non-medical deleterious substances
  • Deleterious substances storage outside (to store raw materials)
  • Deleterious substances general handling office (for raw material preparation)
<Building B>

Product: High-purity boric acid
It is almost an automated, computer-controlled plant.
24-hour operation is available in this plant. Continuous production of stable quality product is available.

【Attached facilities】

  • A tank for non-medical deleterious substances 38% pure hydrochloric acid, 25% liquid caustic soda
<Building C>

Production site for Class 4 deleterious substances

Product: Electrolyte for aluminum electrolytic capacitors
It is almost an automated, computer-controlled plant.
Production facility for small amount of electrolytes is there as well.

【Attached facilities】

  • 4 tanks as deleterious substances storage outside
  • Material storage warehouse Storage warehouse for raw material and sub-material
  • Deleterious substances storage place (inside) (Class-4 deleterious substances)
<Building D>

Production site for Class-4 deleterious substances

Product: Electrolyte for lithium batteries

  • 2 Primary mixing tanks
  • 5 Secondary mixing tanks

Auto-filling is available in this plant.

【Attached facilities】

  • 6 tanks as deleterious substances storage outside
  • Preparation building
  • Deleterious substances storage place (inside) (Class-4 deleterious substances)
  • Cold storage container warehouse
<Building F>

Product: Electrolyte for tantalum electrolytic capacitor
Mixing tank
Remote monitoring system is applied to some part of the production process.

<Utility Control Building>

This is a control room for utilities within the plant.
Apart from the control room, there are pure water production room, compressor room, and warehouse.

Also there are demineralized water tank and pure water tank - these are supplied to each plant by pressure pump.

<Product Warehouse>

A warehouse to store products other than deleterious substances.
This is movable rack facility.
Also a pallet stretch packaging machine is stationed here.

<Material Warehouse>

A warehouse to store raw materials
Completion in 2016

<Transformer Room>
<Acid Site>

Storage site for non-medical deleterious substances

<Pump Room>

Pressure pump for outside fireplug, service water and industrial water is placed here. Water is supplied to each site from here.

<Wastewater Treatment Facility>

Wastewater gets diluted in 2 regulation tanks, then sent to the wastewater treatment plant.

<Storage tank for non-medical deleterious substance>

For wastewater treatment 25% liquid caustic soda, 75% Sulfuric acid

<High-pressure gas production facility and storage>

Liquid ammonia

  • Storage tank
  • Vaporizer

Liquid nitrogen

  • Storage tank
  • Vaporizer

Introduction of P&D Center

Site Area:

About 7,400㎡

Total Floor Area:

About 4,000㎡


In 1961, we have secured plant site in Fujimimura (currently Fujimi-shi), Iruma-gun, Saitama-Prefecture through the good offices of Tokyo Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry and Industrial Development Promotion Headquarter of Saitama-Prefecture. In the following year of 1962 construction of Shiki Plant was completed, and production started immediately. In those days this area was typical rural area with only few houses around. Chorus of frogs frequently annoyed people in summer, and people enjoyed fishing by the river at the back of the plant

Shiki factory aerial photograph

Current Google MAP photo

Nowadays, the surrounding environment has changed dramatically as a bed-town for people working in Tokyo. Since the plant is surrounded by many houses and also because of the new regulations set, it was getting difficult to run the plant as a chemical plant.
Accordingly we have changed the plant to a compact plant for small-scale and variety production for new products, prototypes, sample products etc - and it was renamed as P&D Center in December 2010.

Features of P&D Center:

It is a pilot plant handling small amount production and variety production focusing on new products, prototypes and sample products.
It is located in south of Saitama-Prefecture, with a good access to central Tokyo. It serves as a center of delivery within Kanto Area, and it has worked as an alternate production plant at the time of disaster.

Main Facilities
  • Deleterious substances (small amount) handling place
  • Production site for Class-4 deleterious substances
  • Poisons and deleterious substances handling & production site
  • Storage for Class-1 deleterious substances
  • Storage for Class-4 deleterious substances
  • Storage for Class-5 deleterious substances

Main Analysis Devices and Experiment Devices

  • ICP-MS
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
  • Anion IC
  • Cation IC
  • Gas chromatography
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer
  • FT-IR
  • Moisture meter
  • pH meter
  • Electrical conductivity meter
  • Density and specific gravity meters
  • Viscometer
  • Auto flash tester
  • Spectroscopic tint meter
  • Microscope
  • Particle counter

And more

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