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Boric acid
Product name Boric acid
Chemical formula H3BO3
Molecular weight 61.83
Official Gazette Public Notice Reference Number 1-63
CAS No. CAS No. 10043-35-3
Standards Special reagent grade(JIS K 8863),Special tomiyama grade,Reagent MT first grade,Capacitor/Condenser chemical grade,High purity grade,Nuclear reactor grade,Special quality grade
Product purity 99.5 % MIN

The highest quality with the lowest metal impurities
We can offer high purity grade (99.99% MIN)
Less hardening

Usage Reagent,Neutron absorber,Flame retardant,pH buffer agent,Glass raw material,Painting material,Plating bath additive,Capacitor/Condenser
Appearance White crystalline powder / White crystal
Capacity NET 20kg 500kg
*The others; Please feel free to contact us
Craft bag (print)
Flexible Container Bag
Handling Precautions *PRTR Law: Class I Designated Chemical Substance
Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

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